FAQs before Hiring a Campervan

Deciding the right campervan for your next holiday or weekend away can sometimes be a difficult question. There are many options out there, from large motorhomes to small stationwagons or 2 berth campers, but how do you choose the right campervan for your needs? Below we give you some information on the things you need to think about before choosing the most suitable campervan to hire.
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What sort of Campervan do you need?

There are many shapes and sizes of Campervans in and around Australia. 2 berth, 4 berth or 6 berth campers are common, but there are also other options. A small stationwagon may be the most suitable vehicle if you are a backpacker or on a low budget trip. I personally know 2 German backpackers who spent the entire holiday sleeping in the back of a old Ford Stationwagon that already had 200,000km under its belt. The most comfortable campervans are those decked out with toilet, stove, TV and bunks - however these luxuries may not be high on your agenda. Outback Australia can put a heavy toll on your vehicle, so in some instances you may be requiring a 4WD or 4x4 vehicle to get you through some dirt roads with difficult terrains. So, step one is to make sure you know exactly what sort of vehicle you require.

What size Camper is required?

How many people are going to be accommodated on this trip? If you are only part of a couple then a 2 person campervan may be all that you require or if you have a large group you may need the biggest and best campervan you can get yourself hold of - if not 2 vehicles. The choice is really yours and in some instances it may be best to get a larger motorhome that has a spare bed and room to move!

Will I require a Van with a full fitout?

Ask yourself are you travelling to camping grounds or staying in unpowered sites with no bathroom facilities. Motorhomes with toilets and bathroom facilities are usually very handy especially if you are intending to take it by ear and you are not sure if you will be staying in facilities with the best amenities. Obviously full fitouts may end up costing you more, however the convenience and luxury sometimes outweigh's the cost.

You should also ask yourself some of the following questions:
What sort of kitchen facilities do you require?
Do you require a campervan with cutlery and crockery or are you prepared to bring your own?
Do you want a van with a TV or do you want to escape from the world for the time being?
Do you need full bedding with linen and quilts or will you be bringing your own sleeping bags?
Can the kids be accommodated correctly in a double bed or do you need singles or a bunk for them?
Do you require a baby seat or cot for your infant?
Are you using your own navigation equipment or will you need to hire a GPS unit?

So how to go about getting Campervan Hire in Australia:

1) Ensure you Book Early
We suggest to book early and review all your options before you travel.
2) All Inclusive Packages
Investigate all inclusive packages that include one way rental charges, full insurance and taxes etc.
3) Specials and Coupons
Look for specials and discount coupons advertised on campervan rental websites.
4) Avoid Busy Periods
Busy periods such as Xmas Holidays, Long Weekends and School Holidays are usually booked well in advance so if you are running late and there is no availability maybe you should try avoiding these periods.

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