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JUCY Rentals is a relatively new rental company with a large range of campervan and touring vehicles. The company operates mostly in New Zealand and Australia. It is one of the fastest growing independent tourism companies – with a target market of young travellers & backpackers however anyone can rent vehicles from Jucy.

Jucy holds a large number of vehicles that are older in age, so that it can keep the costs down. Alot of Jucy Cars can be seen on the road in their distinctive Green and Purple colouring with Jucy advertising plastered all over the cars and vans. Alot of people may be put off by this, however it is clear that some customers would prefer to pay less and have advertising on their cars, than pay a premium as would be the case with Avis / Hertz or Budget for example.

Jucy car rental has also diversified into Jucy Campervans with a large selection of motorhomes, rv's and camper trucks available for rent throughout Australia and NZ. Campervans are popular with backpackers from Europe wanting to experience Australian and New Zealand from the comfort of their own "home away from home".

Customers are the Number One focus for Jucy – providing good value for money and quality vehicles with fewer restrictions than with the larger rental companies.

Jucy Rentals Website: http:// www.jucy.co.nz/
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Slogan: Live JUCY. Love JUCY. Be JUCY
Company Colours: Green, Purple, White
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